Initiated in 2006, the idea of the Foundation started following the on site support experience of several humanitarian projects. Starting for the first time in 2004 with lot of naivety we were sometimes confronted to the best, sometimes to the worst.

The enthusiasm survived even if the vision has become more critical.

Confronted to several realities at times we were put in uncomfortable situations as to the humanitarian approach adopted at the time.

Too many times projects failed and valuable partners were lost due to luck of thoroughness. The increasing demand, the luck of a structured approach by some forms of “charity”, the multiple intermediaries, and most of all, the complexity of human relationships proved how difficult it sometimes was to succeed.

Managing micro-credits aimed directly at the people in need, seems to us a more efficient way to support humanitarian projects. This is a different type of support, in high-insight of our experience, which we can provide whilst active in our respective professional environment.

The result is a structured organization around our multiple competencies and skills, and an active network with a more realistic vision of humanitarian aid.

Tasks are allocated subject to our skills which is the key to success. As active professionals with little time, the roles had to be clearly defined to ensure little individual investment in each domain whilst achieving an optimal results as a group.

We also hope to capitalize on today’s existing communication and networking platforms in order to further support each other’s efforts.

The founding board gathers the legal, communication, medical, information and accountancy skills required. Our solid legal background aims to grant the consistency and formality of our status as well as the management of our long term actions.

An executive board has equally been named with active professionals. The role of the members will be to manage group of specialists. This allows the Foundation to a maximum of autonomy in the different sectors necessary in carrying out the humanitarian projects.

Your funding will allow us to:

  1. Evaluate and grant financial support to qualified projects
  2. Tap into a network of specialists to provide the most adequate aid (project development aid)
  3. Provide funding though micro-credits
  4. Organize on site missions (doctors, teachers, builders, logistics etc)
  5. Refer and interact with other humanitarian organizations if required

The successful completion of the projects requires great thoroughness. This also requires open-mindedness as in different cultural systems at times, actions undertaken might not achieve the planned objective, even with best will. To be able to accept this ia a more realistic approach for a sustainable partnership.

As it is not always easy to come to the right conclusions and when confronted to certain realities or emotions, an ethics committee has been set up to this effect.

Whilst it is difficult to describe in a few words the aims and objective of the Fondation Anthropos, we hope that this brief description has provided you with an insight into its essence.

We would like to thank you in advance for your support in this great adventure which is one of learning to share!

Dr Nicolas Peloponissios